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Cloud based platform developed by Technology and business consulting experts catering to the need of Micro Small and Medium Industries to transform their service operations to Digital.

Business problem

The Safety Consultants (10,000+)  who inspects and certifies millions of equipments containing hazardous materials across 2,50,000 +  premises in India, do not have an automated system that tracks and reminds  the upcoming inspection for any equipment from any premise. They have been missing inspection schedule, thus impacting the safety of the premise and the nation.

The calibration companies also have the same problem. There are billions of equipments across lakhs of companies that need to be calibrated against standards internally and through external consultants.

Any mechanical equipment or machinery requires regular preventive maintenance based on their usage. In most of the mechanical industries, the usage of the machinery and their schedule for the preventive maintenance is not tracked. This results in the wear and tear of machinery and reduces the life span.

Currently, the companies have employed human staffs to manually prepare the “Due list” for the upcoming month, by looking at the information available on hard copy files. This results in missing many schedules due to human errors.


ServizPoint is for empowering service excellence of consulting firms involved in inspection, audits, testing and certifications of equipments installed at various client locations across all industries. ServizPoint is also for equipment manufacturers across all industries/domains for managing the preventive maintenance schedule and adhoc service tickets after sales, from their clients. It has two versions, Pro and Lite.

ServizPoint Pro is a tool for Equipment manufacturers in any domain/industry for managing the equipments installed at Client locations, their AMCs, Preventive Maintenance Schedule and adhoc service calls from their clients. The clients can perform regular preventive maintenance as specified by the manufacturers. The manufacturers can view the preventive maintenance actions performed by clients and can assign Engineers for upcoming events.

ServizPoint Lite is a tool for calibration consultants, auditors and inspectors who are involved in testing and certification in any domain/industry. It provides a single view of upcoming service schedule and enables them to assign Engineers based on their availability from the adjacent view. None of the inspection or testing can be missed. The Engineers can inspect and generate digital certificates from their smart phones which is sent to the consulting firms for their approval and then digitally sent to their clients.