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Adopt Technology

Two years back, when I worked for one of the largest Consulting firm in the world, I implemented a software solution for a client who is a large Power Transmission company in UK to provide them a single a view of their upcoming projects for next twenty years and optimizing their staff utilization based on the volume of work ahead. The client paid 3 Million British Pounds for getting it implemented. The client opted for their own infrastructure and software and hence the higher cost.

Last year I visited a company in India that is involved in inspection, safety audits and certification of premises with respect to PESO compliance (Petroleum and Explosives Safety). I asked the company whether they have any system that tracks what equipment’s from which premises are due for certification for next week, two weeks or next month. The answer is “No”. Not just this company, but across all PESO consultants, they don’t have any similar system in place. This was leading to missing inspection schedule and audits at the required time. This is how ServizPoint was evolved to provide benefits to PESO consultants similar to what the UK company was getting, but at a very affordable cost.

There are 2,56,000 premises in India that fall under regulations from three Petroleum Act and five Explosives Act. Each premise consists of 100s to 1000s of static mobile pressure vessels, safety release valves and gas cylinders that needs to be inspected and certified under Rues 18 and 19, every 6 to 12 months. There are around 180 PESO consultants in India and currently active are just few around 100s.

Our government has digitized the certificates of SMPV and SRV Rules few years back through Digital India Movement. But the service operations from the Premises and schedule maintenance for PESO consultants are not automated still. This leads to missing of inspection at the right time which might lead to untoward Incidents and hence impacting the overall safety.

This is the right time for PESO consultants to take advantage of the technology evolution and adopt the technology to stream line their service operations. This will improve Safety of the premise, environment and the place that we live.

— By Sathyanarayanan Raman

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