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ServizPoint Lite is a tool for managing Clients, Client Service Contracts, Service Engineers, Pre-scheduled Service Calls, Preventive Maintenance Schedules, Service Alerts, and ad hoc Service Calls. This tool is useful for

  • Enterprises engaged in Consulting Business, with Service Engineers having to travel to client sites for service calls. This is ideal for Enterprises offering
    • Hardware Services with / without AMC
    • Engineering Equipment Maintenance & Support Services
    • Safety Audits and Statutory Reporting / Certifications
    • Instrumentation / Calibration services
    • Testing Services and Certification services for Industrial Units / Equipment
    • Other support / audit services involving Field Staff / Engineers
  • ServizPoint Lite helps in managing Field Staff, their Schedules, and in allocating / handling service calls
  • ServizPoint Lite allows to review Field Staff Service report and issue certifications to client plants / equipment


Team Efficiency, Optimized

  • View all Service Requests and Auto-allocate / manually Allocate to Available Engineers using Calendar View – Single window
  • Generate reminders prior to Service Calls, never miss a service call
  • Allocate ad hoc Service Calls on the Fly, based on Exigencies
  • Track Service Engineers real time to cross allocate tasks

Business Growth, Empowered

  • Convert Online Enquiries to Service Contracts
  • Get alerts on Expiring Service Contracts & Renew effortlessly
  • Manage field staff, clients and Service calls more efficiently
  • Better planning based on signed / updated Service Contracts – for Scaling up Teams, Clients, Training needs and Service tasks
  • Tracking, Invoicing and Collecting revenue easily


  • Track Service calls and route planning for Day, Week and Month
  • View Checklists and submit / update Service reports
  • Add new “on Field” Enquiries, including adding new clients
  • Notify leaves and auto-assign service requests to other engineers
  • Track hours spent, travel & other expenses for claiming
  • Notify Availability for Over time


  • Managing Service Contracts and associated Clients
  • Manage Service Engineering team
  • Manage / Track service calls and scheduling
  • Trend Analysis and scale up / down teams
  • Invoice to clients & brand owners, track payments and service contract renewals

Brand Owners

  • Add / Manage Service Offerings
  • Add / Manage Franchisees
  • Add / Manage Sales & Service Teams
  • Classify Franchisees, Assign Clients
  • Add, Evaluate, Train assign Service Engineers
  • Schedule Direct Engineers
  • Manage Notes for Service requests scheduling by Sales team
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Service calls report
  • Clients by region / by Franchisee
  • Top performing Franchisee / Engineers / VIP Customers
  • On line Digital Certification to clients
  • Online Renewal of Service Contracts, Negotiations

Customization & Integrations

  • Franchisees (other such entities) could be added
  • Training related functionalities could be added – for mapping talents available (Engineers) and service tasks and plan training needs
  • Comprehensive Ticketing & Service delivery support system
  • Integration with Accounting Packages, ERPs and CRMs
  • Integration with Contract (Document) Management solution
  • Integration with third party Marketing and sales planning tools / CRMs / DMS


  • Online Enquiry Management and Conversion to Customers with minimal redundancy in data capture
  • Savings through Service Engineers’ Efficiency & Utility improvement through Tracking and optimal deployment
  • Online management of Service Contracts and Renewals
  • Renewal of Service contracts through auto-reminders from system to Customers, Franchisees and Service Engineers
  • Real time tracking of Franchisees and Accounts, and improve on Service offerings / termination of Franchisees
  • Savings through setting up Check lists for all Service Types, and track the lists submitted by Service Engineers
  • Better collection Management from Franchisees / Customers
  • Assistance in data-backed Growth, Marketing and Promotional activities

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